Children of The Iron Throne

A roleplay based on A Song of Ice and Fire books taking place before the Game of Thrones series, and during the Era of the Old King.

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Roleplay Rules

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1Roleplay Rules Empty Roleplay Rules on Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:27 pm

Aamen Targaryan

Aamen Targaryan
This is a forum text based roleplaying site that follows given standards to maintain quality and a pleasurable experience for everyone on the site. Thus we have given guidelines to promote and maintain a healthy site culture as well as educate those less experienced in his format of roleplay.

Character Standards: An approved applicaton of your character is needed before roleplay can begin. Characters that are not yet approved by staff cannot be used in any threads. However, until your application has been approved you may make any edits or changes you deem fit. Afer approval has been given no more changes are permitted(given those done through actual rp). For now at least all characters available are human and thus cannot be made outside of those parameters. There are supernatural merits and skills that allow for extraordinary things but those must be earned or purchased.

Topics: A character can be in a maximum of three topics given that they are chronologically accurate. This site is player controlled NPC heavy so it is well within your bounds to have Champions or Companions act as your proxy or messanger. Timeline is very important so please be aware of when a thread has began before entering it.

Content: All posts should be legible and competent. Posts should be made in third person with the exception of your character maybe writing a journal or letter. Remember to stay in character and keep ooc to a minimum. Most sites ask that you make posts with a bare minimum of 100 words I am asking for at least 200/250. The essence of GoT and Song of Ice and Fire is its story and different plot changes. I wish to stay true to these roots in each thread. Please do not attempt to post in a dead topic or in one that you do not intend to finish. We have a 48 hour rule here. Which takes us to our next one....

48 Hour Rule: We embrace the 48 hour rule here. Meaning if you do not respond within 48 hours you can be skipped. If being attacked and there is no response within 48 hours you can be auto hit. However, this rule is not without leniency and we know that "life happens" if you have posted in the away section an extension of up to 72 hours can be granted from the time of posting. If for some reason you failed to post or didn't have time due to an emergency and ou were auto hit you can elect to have one of your Destiny points automatically deducted in order to edit. If you are in this situation and you have no destiny points you are SOL'd. You can have a member post in the away section on your behalf.

God Moding(Powerplaying): Godmodding is taking control of another player’s character during roleplay. It’s frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else’s.  It’s an offense of the highest degree, and it can be the reason people choose not to rp with you along with site penalties.  It is forcing the hand of not only the character but the roleplayer to commit an action that they may not necessarily agree with or want to do. It can involve a physical action or an emotional response to something that your character has done.

God Modding: Is an unfair advantage the player gives his character during developement, combat, or cration that advances them above the parameters available or to advanced levels at an extremely accelerated rate. Godmodding ignores certain facts of the setting or individual character’s situation. Its intent is generally to advance the plot or to give an unfair advantage to one character if used in a situational capacity. All of them are an rp no no and are site punishable.

Metagaming:  Metagaming is using OOC knowledge in roleplay thoughts, actions, or behavior. Metagaming is a frequent issue in forum roleplaying games. It often occurs with new players who do not know to keep player knowledge out of IC interactions. However, seasoned players do sometimes intentionally use OOC information to give their character an advantage. When intentional, metagaming is definitely bad roleplay. Metagaming is a form of bad roleplay that can be quite difficult to police. This is especially true if the metagamer is smart and stubborn. They can argue about how a character obtained information, how sensible it is for them to act one way or the other, and so forth and sometimes, they’re quite right! But when they are not metagaming will not be tolerated.

Retconning: Retconning is the act of rescinding or otherwise acting as if an in character occurrence never happened. Note that this is explicitly different from roleplayers who promise a plot and do not follow through; that’s “reneging” but it isn’t retconning. Retconning specifically deals with occurrences that already happened in-game. The problem with retconning: even a small, interpersonal thing between two characters can have consequences beyond those two characters. Changing or going back on this plot may make later occurrences disordered or even completely nonsensical. This is a huge detriment to most roleplaying games — hence why many do not allow retconning at all. What happens in character has already happened and should stay that way for the sake of everyone’s sanity in organizing timelines and keeping track of character histories. If it happened it happened.

Auto hitting: Self explanatory... you cannot auto hit anyone unless the 48 rule is applied.

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