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A roleplay based on A Song of Ice and Fire books taking place before the Game of Thrones series, and during the Era of the Old King.

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Flaw and Merit System

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1Flaw and Merit System Empty Flaw and Merit System on Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:28 pm

Aamen Targaryan

Aamen Targaryan
Adding a flaw to a character allows you to gain freebie points equal to that flaw's rating however, there is is a limit of seven points that can be gained in this manner. Flaws include Phobias, Curses, Vengeance, Amnesia, Distinctive Appearance, Chosen Enemy, and a set of flaws which limited the amount of points that could be spent in each ability. This is completely optional and a good way to flesh out your character. The range of flaws are diverse, but there are several basic flaws that are common to all lines. Physical, social, and mental are among the most common categories, as are psychological, supernatural and ally-type and flaws. Other types were available, depending on the type of character being created, and are usually related to that specific type.

Psychological Flaws:
Compulsion (1 point): You have a specific compulsion which may cause you problems. It will distract and deter you from whatever you are doing until you attain it. The item has to be specific, abundant, and yet hold some form of value. It can distract you in combat for up to 1 post and plot wise until you attain it.

Dark Secret (1/2 points): There's something about you which you don't want people to know, and it would be very bad if they did. It has to be something crippling enough that it could either ruin your standing in a held position or your entire house. It isn't something you can get rid of through resources or effore. An example would be you were secretly adopted from a low born family.

Hero Worship (2 points): You absolutely idolize someone, and disobeying them requires an effort of will making a roll of 9 or higher. If you fail and you choose to disobey you get a -3 to all abilities for 24 hours. The person has to be a player character. The roll also applies if you attempt to say anything negative about your hero or that he did anything wrong.

Deranged (3 points): You have a permanent, severe mental disorder. It creeps in every 3 posts and must be fought.  You may roll to resist it but never to get rid of it and it will come back in 3 more posts. The drangement not only causes the victim a -3 to any one ability but also gives harsh side effects such as voices, illusions, extra personalities that make social settings difficult. This will be moded heavily.

Driving Goal (1 point): You have some goal which is at the basis of all your motivations, though it is of such depth or impossibility, it could probably never be achieved. It is reason for anything you choose to do ultimately and you cannot involve yourself with anything that does not DIRECTLY aid in this goal. Attempting to do so will give you -2 in all abilities for 24 hours.

Flashbacks (3 points): When under pressure and/or in the presence of something which reminds you of something unpleasant in your past, you flashback to that past event. Whilst in a flashback, everything to you is as it was then and you are completely oblivious to your surroundings. This flashback can last two posts . You must roll a 10 or higher to resist the flashback initially. If you fail this roll after the first post you must roll a 12 or above to snap out of it. The flashback triggers are caused by the senses such as a familiar smell, sight, sound, or taste.

Phobia (3 points): You have a specific, incredibly powerful fear. You will refuse to approach the object of your fear(distance of 20 feet or more required) if you succeed in a roll of 10 or greater, and will flee if you fail the roll leaving the topic and being incapable of re-entering for 72 hours. If forced to be around the object the victim gains a -1 penalty to all abilities for each post(stackable) while within 20 feet.

Lifesaver (3 points): You revere all life and will not risk killing someone at all costs. Unfortunately, in Children of The Iron Throne, this most definitely can be a problem. Taking a life gives a -3 to all abilities for 48 hours. Preventing an ally from taking a life will give you a -2 to all abilities for 24 hours.

Mental Flaws
Amnesia (1 point): You have no memory of your past, or at least are missing a significant portion of it. You have the option of taking up to 6 points of extra flaws to be determined by staff in addition (you don't get to find out about them till you're approved...).

Absent-Minded (7 points): You have a lousy memory, and need to make a roll to remember skill sets that you learn. Thus upon purchasing a skill you must roll a 10 or greater. If you fail the roll the purchase of the skill is revoked and you forfeit half the required price. Trying again adds a +1 difficulty to the roll meaning the next attempt you would need to roll an 11 or greater.

Illiterate (2 points): You can't read or write. This may make passing yourself off or actually being nobility difficult.

Speech Impediment (1 point): You have a clear and profound speech impediment. Verbal communication and articulating yourself is difficult.

Religious Hysteria (1 points): The gods are everywhere! You see them. You note the signs of the Divine plan in every nuance of life. The entire world's an omen! The deities whispers in your ear constantly. Why do others not understand? Even your brothers and sisters in the faith shake their heads as you breathlessly elucidate your latest holy vision.

Physical Flaws:
Disfigured (2): You have an injury or physical defect from birth or a young age which makes you perfectly hideous or an outsider. You are considered a shame to your family and an outcast unworthy from title.

Addiction (3 points):  You are addicted to some substance or another. You will start to crave the substance if you don't get it often enough, the longer without it....the more dependent you are on the substance, and the worse things will happen if you don't get what you need. Twenty four hours without the substance and you gain -2 penalty to all abilities, 48 hours and you gain -4 penalty to all abilties, 72 hours and all above are gained in addition to being limited to a 75% decrease in xp.

Aging (2 points):Your get up and go has got up and went. Lower any one ability by two points. This Flaw maybe taken by a character every ten years past the age of 40.

Deformity (3 points): You have a withered limb, hunchback, or other physical defect which causes you difficulty in movement, as well as in some social interactions. Depending on the type and circumstance. Depending on the deformity staff chooses which permanent handicap to grant the character based on the deformity but shall not be less than total loss of a limb, sense, or being incapable of holding a position.

Lame/Paraplegic (3/4 points): The 3 point flaw your legs are somehow permanently injured, and you suffer  a limp that may require a cane or aid. You gain a permanent penalty of 50% to movement involving the legs. Skills requiring movement (involving the legs) cannot be taken. The 4 point version the legs are of no use and all of the above are applied except instead of a -50% penalty the legs are of no use at all.

Sterile (1 point):  You are incapable of reproducing or having children now or ever. In Westeros especially among nobility this is a major drawback.

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