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A roleplay based on A Song of Ice and Fire books taking place before the Game of Thrones series, and during the Era of the Old King.

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Champions, Mounts, and Companions (Wip)

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1 Champions, Mounts, and Companions (Wip) on Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:21 pm

Aamen Targaryan

Champions: Champions are powerful NPC's that can be purchased through the market. Unlike the other NPC types they operate more like a second character and can generate their own xp. However, the champions Lord must provide all equipment, expenses, mounts, etc for the Champion. In theory there is no limit to the amount of champions a player can have. Though each champion has their own requirements that a lord must adhere to and maintain in order to keep the champion including a percentage of the Lords income.

-Champions are by far the most powerful of the NPC types and can generate their own xp though income comes sole from the player.
-Champions may have their own mounts(up to rare) and their own companions (up to epic). They can have any armor there Lord wishes to grant them making them very powerful pawns to control.  
-Chaimpions can travel anywhere independently and can even do missions to generate income for their Lord. They cannot generate income for themselves however.
-Champions can access all skills and Classes with the exception of those considered prestigeous or exclusive to PC characters. Legendary skills are always considered PC only.

-Any equipment, mounts, and funds placed on the Champion are considered bound and cannot be swapped with any other character. Funds can be spent but never transferred from a champion. All other items must be used or can be sold back to the shop for half their original purchase price.

-Upon purchase Champions have requests that must be met and a monetary percentage that is taken directly from the Lords funds. Upon getting paid this percentage is taken out automatically by staff. The requests upon purchase can range from their own holdings or castle to a specific item or weapon. The requirements must be met before the purchase is made.

-If a Champion's requests are not met or if the House or group the Champion represents shifts sides IC then the conquering party can challenge for the Champion. This is settled with a loyalty roll in which the victor will recieve the Champion(s) and all items bound to them. The price and requirements remain the same.

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2 Re: Champions, Mounts, and Companions (Wip) on Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:08 pm

Aamen Targaryan

Mounts: Mounts are creatures or objects that act as vehicles that a player can use for transportation (althoughnot many resemble unnatural things.) When mounted the player usually gets a one to several buffs along with the expedited movement speed. Weapon and tools (as well as most other logical items) can be used while riding a Mount. Most mounts are docile and cannot operate alone in combat. There are exceptions to this however making those mounts that are combat ready coveted. Mounts usually have set abilities though there are a few that can evolve or be augmented. The hard limit for mounts owned is dependent on the characters holdings. Realistically speaking a traveling vagabond wouldn't have the means to accommodate several steeds. Normally riders have a favored steed that they build a bond with and trust to be dependable in battle so as a courtesy we ask rpers to be realistic in this aspect. Unlike Champions most steeds are loyal and easily replaced and don't require constant upkeep.

-Steeds are loyal and most can be replaced easily unlike Champions and do not require upkeep at any point in time.
-Steeds not only provide an expedited means of transportation but they also give players a calvary buff when attacking. These buffs vary depending on the mounts.
-There are a variety of steeds who excel at different things and provide advantages on different types of terrain.

-Most mounts have set abilities that cannot be changed or augmented. It's very rare and expensive to find those that can.
- Not all mounts are available in all locations. Certain exotic mounts require special proficiencies and or skills to ride and others require a training or taming period.
-If you fall from a flying mount at high altitudes you are likely to die a very horrible death.

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3 Re: Champions, Mounts, and Companions (Wip) on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:33 pm

Aamen Targaryan

Companions: Like Champions companions are independent entities that serve the player. However, unlike Champions companions have a lower station (usually below knight status) and serve the player on their day to day. Companions have a hard limit on how many skills they can learn and capped abilities based on their status. They can go on independent missions yet it has to be in the same region as the player and only yeilds 50% of the total reward payout. Unlike champions nothing is bound to the companion and they may freely be used to hold gear, money, and other things. When a companion would gain xp and income it is instead given to the player. The player can choose to give their companions xp  and equipment in order to upgrade their abilities yet they cannot exceed the hard cap(with xp, they can exceed with equipment). Companions do not have an upkeep cost yet their loyalty is not absolute. They can be bribed and even upgraded to Champion status if given enough power and prestige. There is a limit to 3 companions for a player and 1 companion for a Champion(if applicable). However, there are ways to earn more companion slots.


-Companions do not have an upkeep cost like champions do.
-Companions can be upgraded into champions if passing their hard limit or given status.
-Companions can go on missions just as Champions can.
-Companions items are not bound.

-Companions have a hard cap on abilities and skills.
-Companions must stay in the same region as their Lord.
-Companions can only gain 50% of the reward payout for missions.
-Companions can be bribed or coaxed.

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